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100 Mile Challenge (Apr 2017)

North Lakes are part of this countywide initiative to get young people involved in a more physically active lifestyle. Along with ‘Feet First’, both schemes aim to make children aware of the benefits of exercise and the long-term, positive effects on their bodies.


All children have been introduced to this scheme in their PE lesson by either myself or Mrs Sewell and Mrs Ellwood. Everyone has completed a short questionnaire about their lifestyles and been given a small record card to help ‘bag’ the miles. This card can go between school and home; it will need looking after carefully. Children can collect miles in school or at home with family members by walking, running, scooting, swimming, cycling, basically any physical activity.  Most children have undergone their first mile with many already hitting the 25 mile mark! Certificates are presented for participation at various levels with all 100 mile children entering in to a school draw at the end of the Summer Term.


Here is what to do:

  • Log onto Frog with a family member
  • Watch the short video about the benefits of leading an active life
  • Complete the online survey with a family member
  • Get active!
  • As you complete your miles, keep a record on your personal record card.
  • Then, you reach the various milestones, log onto the Frog forum and post a comment telling us what you did, how you felt and if you got any of your family members active too!

Certificates will be presented in assembly every Friday.


Take up the challenge today and get active- increase your health and well-being at break times, over the lunch break or after school. 

by Mrs Greenwood


How are you getting on with showing a commitment to walk, scoot or cycle to school at least one day a week? Remember to log your efforts on your class chart. Councillors are monitoring efforts and spot prizes will be awarded throughout the Summer Term.


Before Christmas, we announced our school finalist who had designed some fantastic logos for a county competition. Jessica, Alyssa and Macy received letters this week to thank them for their efforts. It was a tough competition and although their designs had not won all girls received some free stationary- well done girls!