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Children's Safety

At North Lakes School the children’s wellbeing is of paramount importance and we aim to safeguard and promote our pupils’ welfare, safety and health. Children should not arrive at school before 8.45am each day, unless they come indoors to the “Drop Off Zone” facility from 8:30am. Supervision begins on the playground at 08:45.


Children are reminded of dangers on the road and taught how to keep themselves safe. Parents are asked to escort their child across the road when children are transported to and collected from school.  For road safety reasons, no parking is permitted on the yellow chevrons or yellow lines outside school. We also ask that parents do not use the school staff car park when dropping off or collecting children.


Many children use the public service bus to come to school and for the return journey home. A member of North Lakes staff is provided on the school bus to ensure the children’s wellbeing and safety. We ask parents to encourage and remind children to be safe and sensible on the bus journeys at all times.


The staff at North Lakes School are in the ideal position to keep a watchful eye on children’s safety and have a clear duty protect them from abuse and neglect.  If staff have concerns they must inform the Designated Person for Child Protection (Ms Rollings) immediately or in her absence the Head (Mr Pincombe). Any referrals will be made through the LSCB Safeguarding Hub, which is a team of social workers, police and health workers who cover the whole of Cumbria.


Children’s online safety is a high priority in school, with regular focus activities and assemblies that ensure children are well aware of the personal risks as well as the many benefits of the internet. Our detailed Online Safety policy can be found on the school website.


Updated October 2017