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Y3&4 Stoneage Day (Nov 2022)

This term, Year 3 and 4 have been learning about the Stone Age in History. We were fortunate enough to have this ancient time brought to life as we transported back through time during our exciting (yet chilly!) Stone Age Day.


We were introduced to Gareth and Ro, who are Stone Age experts and helped us take our journey in to the past. The session began by making a human timeline. This really brought to our attention how long ago the Stone Age was. Everyone got to look at fascinating artefacts, such as tools, as well as animal bones and droppings. This helped us to be real life  hunter-gatherers and track animals based on their footprints and droppings.


During the next part of our day, we learnt how Stone Age people made their weapons and even had a go at    making our very own. We had to work hard to carve and shape our stone to make our very own axe. This took a lot of patience and team work as it took much longer to shape the stone than you would  magine! Then we had to attach the stone to our handle by splitting it and placing the stone in. Finally, our stone axe heads needed securing with a knot, which produced some hilarious faces as we tried to ensure that it was secure and would not come undone. 


We ended our session by crushing charcoal and other rocks to make natural pigments. These pigments helped us to design cave paintings. We looked at  examples from caves around the world to inspire our designs.  Thank you to Gareth and Ro, who came to provide this engaging day for us. The children came away enthused and eager to learn more.


We would also like to thank the children, who asked brilliant and thought-provoking questions during our day and did North Lakes proud. Well done Year 3 and 4!