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The Arts at North Lakes School

At North Lakes School we believe the Arts encompass a wide range of subject areas and  disciplines including Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Design. Arts at our school mean providing our pupils not only with the opportunity to learn about and participate in each of these areas but also providing them with the platform from which to be creative, to express themselves, find success and share these experiences, talent and abilities through performance.

At North Lakes School we are committed to providing all children with the opportunities to engage and succeed in the Arts regardless of background, language and or Special Needs through high quality, differentiated teaching. We encourage children to share and explore both their own and new diverse cultural experiences in the Arts. This Policy supports our positive school ethos:

Since becoming a change school and working with Creative Futures 2009-11 we have developed the school’s Five Year Vision Plan; we aim to enable children to achieve high standards through a creative and enriching curriculum.

We believe that children who think creatively and independently are more likely to discover things for themselves, to be open to new ideas and to be motivated to work beyond lesson time to pursue topics of interest. Allowing children to think and work creatively develops self confidence and builds up key learning skills

e.g. how to manage their own behaviour, their understanding of the learning process, their preferred learning style, their ability to think systematically, to manage information and to learn from others.


We are passionate about developing and promoting the Arts through an enjoyable, creative and cross curricular approach. As well as focussed high quality teaching of the Arts we further enrich our children’s learning and experiences through a range of school time
and after school specialist club opportunities.


We are also committed to providing opportunities for our pupils to share and perform their abilities and talents in the Arts both during a range of events in school and in the larger community. At North Lakes School, we aim to ensure that all our children enjoy, thrive, succeed and achieve their potential in the Arts.

At North Lakes we strive to become a leading school for the Arts.