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Sex and Relationship education is set within the wider framework of Personal, Social and Health Education. Children initially learn about the human life cycle in science.  We believe that the ethos of the school, the involvement of parents in the life of the school, the attitudes of all staff to each other, staff/pupil relationships and the learning environment, as well as what is taught in the classroom, all contribute to a healthy school. Of paramount importance within this is the teaching of positive attitudes such as taking care of oneself, taking responsibility for oneself and showing respect for others.


The school adopted a policy for the teaching of Sex and Relationship Education after consultation with parents. The developmental programme from Year 3 to Year 6 includes specialist input from an experienced school nurse who specialises in health education, and the learning content is supported with activities in Science, PSHE and SEAL. Parents and carers will receive information during the term when SRE will be taught, outlining the learning programme. Learning is age appropriate and centres on two main themes that are Growing and Changing, and Life Cycles and Reproduction. While most learning happens together and all use the same resources, boys and girls will have some time for joint and separate lessons in the upper school.


Parents/ carers have a right to withdraw their child/children from these lessons, but with an opportunity to meet with the specialist school nurse and teaching staff, there is time provided to learn more about content, to ask any questions and share any concerns in this important area of learning


Subject Leader: Mr M Pincombe

Updated December 2017