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Quicksticks Hockey (Summer 2011)

When we went to the Leisure Centre to play Quicksticks hockey, we were all excited about our first game! 
We won a game, lost one to Beaconside and drew the third game. Nathan’s mum was there to support us and she said we did really well and we were really talented. Beaconside were really hard to beat and they were really rough too. We were so pleased when we found out that we had made it into the final!
For the final we had to travel to Kirkby Stephen. We were all nervous as we travelled there in the school mini bus. We put all of our effort in to the game and, even though Nathan hurt himself a couple of times, he just got up and had another go. Afterwards, the teams had to shake hands and say well done. We had a picture taken too and we had to squash up. We did 3 cheers for Beaconside because they won. Miss Hayes was really proud of us. We didn’t win but I know we did really well.