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Poetry Club (Autumn 2011)

Several North Lakes Poets have met on a Monday evening after school. We have enjoyed reading fun poetry and constructing our own poems! Some of us even constructed poetry at home. We hope you enjoy reading our attached poems, we even did a Viking Poem for our year 3 and 4 members. Look out next term for Art Club . . .
If this fox starts to creep,
Please encourage it to sleep!
If this fox starts to stare.
Just tell it that you don’t care!
If this fox starts to prowl,
Well make sure you have a good growl,
If this fox hangs around.
Then make sure he’s lying on the ground.
If this fox starts to whine.
Then just count to nine.
If this fox starts to hiss,
Just turn around and give a kiss!
Georgia L
Cool, Beef burger, you’re really nice and round,
Hurry up, please, you’re the best food I’ve found.
Cool, Beef burger, you are ever so delish,
You give me the most joy more than any other dish!
Cool, Beef burger, you are my only hope,
Suggest another meal, and I’d say ‘nope’.
Cool, Beef burger, you’re smell delights me,
If you don’t hurry up the I’ll wait, just you see.
By Jennie L Y6.
I fell in love with a Viking so kind,
The story tellers exaggerate,
They are so blind!
He had a straggly, red, ginger beard . . .
Long, curly, copper red hair.
A temper which was always calm and fair.
Why is such a man so feared?
How weird!!
Ella R
I couldn’t believe what I had just seen,
A bushy, Viking beard.
It flowed down his big, broad chest,
And stopped at his stomach to have a rest.
I knew immediately I was in love,
The golden mass of frizz.
It curled, tangled, plaited and cushioned
his wide chin, like it always is.
There was nothing else I wanted,
But this frizzy, matted beard.
I couldn’t stop looking,
I always stopped and peered!
This beard was my true love,
And what if it loved me!
Me and the beard,
As happy as we could be.
By Jennie L Y6
Cool, Beef burger, you look so tasty,
Otherwise I’ll make something else, very hasty!