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North Lakes School Local Offer & Information Report

North Lakes School is a fully inclusive junior school (7-11), fully committed to providing for the needs of each and every child in its care. It is proud of its Strategically Resourced Provision which operates in partnership with three other local schools in the Eden Valley who have similar facilities. The partnership is well established and is constantly creating new ways of supporting children within this facility.


North Lakes School offers strategic resourced provision for children with physical/medical needs, severe learning difficulties and those on the Autistic Spectrum. We have superb resources including a mini bus, ball pool, sensory room and changing facilities. The ‘Grasmere’ resource area is at the heart of our inclusive school.  The whole school is on a level surface so children can access all areas comfortably regardless of physical ability. We also have hoists to ensure all resources are accessible to all.


Facilities at North Lakes include a staff team that has a high degree of expertise. Some teaching staff hold nationally recognized qualifications in autism, specific learning difficulties, and severe learning difficulties. Staff have individual interests and have additional areas of expertise which include behaviour management, nurture and reading intervention.


The school has formed good relationships with medical services (physiotherapy and speech therapy), specialist advisory teachers, the educational psychologist, social services and voluntary agencies.


North Lakes School was accredited with the Inclusion Quality Mark in October 2014.  It is an enormous achievement and recognises our total commitment to the inclusion of all children within our school. The assessor rigorously assessed our school and met children, governors, parents and staff during her day at North Lakes. The report read:

“North Lakes School is a fully inclusive junior school. This is a school where every child does matter and is made to feel special. The whole school environment is very welcoming and child friendly. Throughout the school the needs of the pupils are paramount. The whole school community is fully committed to providing for the needs of each and every child in the school to ensure they reach their full potential. Aspirations are high.”


Our Local Offer describes the wide range of provision available at North Lakes School, linked with our Infant feeder school(s), to support identified children as and when appropriate. Our commitment to being a fully inclusive school means that each child will have the equal access and opportunities they require to fully access quality learning and development.


We have prepared a list of likely questions and prompts on the attachment below.


If parents still have questions then please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Inclusion Enquiry

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