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Update 26.06.20



Dear Parents and Carers,


From Monday 29th June we will have around 70 children in school each day. The children will be in 6 “bubble groups”, (2 part–time and 4 full-time). The groups are made up of the children of critical workers, children who are in need of additional support, and children in Year 6. All of our staff, and some extra supply staff are now committed to working in school for most or all of the week while we also work as a team to oversee the online learning for our 140+ pupils who continue to work from home. There is no more room now to open extra bubble groups after the 29th June.


As I explained in my letter dated 18th June, we have followed local and national guidance in terms of the priority groups that we have admitted to school since re-opening. This has had to be done gradually and carefully, with regard to our own specific risk assessments and the wider picture of local infection rates. Safety for all has been the top priority throughout this process.


We do have limited capacity and we are now approaching the maximum number of pupils that can be accommodated on site under our risk assessments. But, we do remain open to applications for the children of Critical Workers, and we will continue to risk assess the needs of children and families who need additional support. If necessary, a few more pupils in need may be admitted. We are also open for Year 6 in two part-time bubbles, although our remaining spaces here are few.


At this point we are working on the basis that school will reopen from Wednesday 2nd September, although we await national guidance on what this will look like. The priority in September will still be the safety and wellbeing of the children and we look forward to sharing some special activities in the first few days to support the children in different year groups as they return to a school routine, and they reflect on the real challenges of the past few months. As soon as we have definite information on the details for September, we will be in touch.


We remain very grateful for your support with home learning, and for your patience at this difficult time. If you need to get in touch with us, we are here to help, at the contact details below.


Thank you all for your support,