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This statement aims to clarify the situation regarding the school closure due to industrial action this week.

As parents will know the decision to close the school was taken on the grounds of the health and safety of the children as there would not have been sufficient teachers in school to guarantee the children’s safety.

The school is grateful for the support and understanding of so many parents, acknowledging the disruption that the school closure will have caused families, and apologising for the impact on parents. It is also understood that the strike will have had an impact on the children’s learning, and this is regretted.

Parents will be aware that the strike was as a result of national industrial action by the National Union of Teachers. The NUT is in dispute with the government over teachers’ pay and conditions, workload and changes made to pension arrangements. The teachers who have taken action feel strongly about these issues and have chosen to lose a day’s pay to show their support for their union’s lawful campaign. If any parents would like more information provided by the NUT, please see the following link

Some parents have questioned the decision to close the school, at the same time as operating a policy which does not authorise absence for family holidays in term time. It must be stated that it is the government which has said that headteachers may no longer authorise holidays in term time, unless in exceptional circumstances. This has been introduced nationally to support learning and attendance.

North Lakes School appreciate that parents will have many different views about the strike, but hope that all recognise the right of individuals to take lawful industrial action. This is separate from school and national policy on holidays in term time, which is not the responsibility of teachers. 

Hopefully this provides some more detail and is helpful in clarifying the situation.

Mr M Pincombe