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Sranding By - Say no to bullying! (Nov 2011)

North Lakes met Sam, Snid and Vanessa during anti bullying week when they performed for Y3/4 and then for Y5/6.
We watched and listened as Snid bullied Sam. He called him names, laughed at him and totally humiliated him. Sam‘s self esteem was eroded, he dreaded coming across Snid. He was also very frightened, but he didn’t want to report Snid as he feared the consequences.
Sam confided in a friend and we all watched as the friend told an adult about Sam’s problems. The adult helped resolved the situation, the Bully was confronted and the bullying stopped.
We enjoyed the performance very much but, more importantly, it encouraged us to discuss strategies for dealing with people who made us feel uncomfortable or who bullied us. We also know that sometimes secrets can’t be kept. Sam asked his friend to keep the bullying a secret, but the friend broke her promise     in order to help Sam. In fact we know that we have to ask ourselves:
what is the purpose of keeping the secret?
The main message was to be a defender not a bystander - to do something if we know someone is being treated unkindly. If we feel able to, we could say something to the bully, ‘ Please stop that, it is an unkind thing to do.’ Perhaps we could distract the bully, ‘ Oh look over there . . .’ We could leave and find an adult. Remember: be there for the person who is experiencing difficulties.