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Sports Day 2010

On Wednesday 7th July 2010 we had a Sports Day where various sporty activities took place on the field and yard. There was a water relay, drainpipe challenge, golf, balance ball, netball, hockey course, football shoots and javelins. Also there was a team relay and single sprint. The four teams (Red Pike, Blencathra, Great Gable and Helvellyn) were split into two sub-teams, (e.g. Red Pike 1 and Red Pike 2). If you claimed first second or third in the sprint you got a sticker to prove where you came. It was a great day and lovely weather!   
   By Callum and Jennie
By Scott and Luke
By Ellena & Chloe
  • The winner in the Y3 boys’ sprint was Ben T
    • The winner in the Y3 girls’ sprint was Maisie
      • The winner in the Y4 boys’ sprint was John.
        • The winner in the Y4 girls’ sprint was Suzanne.
          • The winner in the Y5 boys’ sprint was Aaron.
            • The winner in the Y5 girls’ sprint was Chloe
              • The winner in the Y6 boys’ sprint was Ethan.
                • The winner in the Y6 girls’ sprint was Lauren.
                  • Great Gable won the girls’ relay race
                    • Red Pike won the boys’ relay race
                       By Suzanne and Molly
Sports day - Here are the results of the individual sprint races:
On Sports Day, we were all in different coloured groups named after mountains such as, Blencathra, Helvellyn, Great Gable and Red Pike. This sports day the activities were Javelin, Balance the Bean Bag, Pipe Game, Fill the Wellie, Netball Shoot, Football Shoot Out, Golf and Hockey! After the activities, we sat and watched the sprints and relays. Blencathra scored the highest total and won the activities and Red Pike won the Team spirit trophy! Ellena’s favourite activity was the goalshoot and Chloe’s was filling the welly. 
On sports day we did many fun events including goal, netball shoot, hockey, and more events. At the start we got split up into two teams 1 and 2 there was Blencathra, Helvellyn, Red Pike and Great Gable. Mr. Pincombe told us what events we were doing, we began with the tennis obstacle course. You had to run around a hula hoop then jump over hurdles and step on stepping stones on run round a cone and give the bat to the next person. At the end, the fastest people in the school did a sprint and a relay. They were split up in to year groups and they raced against each other. At the end of the day Mr. Pincombe said a big thank you to every body that was part of sports day and the after that he announced the winner it was . . . . Blencathra, with 2263 points!