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Quicksticks Runners Up!

The Quicksticks Hockey Finals at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, started with a fast and furious two goals from Gaby in the first five minutes. A great start! This game’s final score, played against Clifton, was 3:2  It gave everyone a confidence boost to win the first game. The next team played was Warcop – the score 10:4 to us.  With the second game won North Lakes was positive and hopeful. The third game against Kirkby (Yellow) took a lot of focus and quick defending, the ball zoomed up and down the pitch. Logan’s defense and ball control was truly amazing. Final score, 5:3 to North Lakes. North Lakes won the first three games! The fourth game was against Skelton – they won the last tournament – so the pressure was on. With “heads up” and determination, initially the game was mostly defending and holding back, but with Alfie’s grit and determination the pace was set and winning was the aim. Final score 3:1 The relief and feeling of achievement was immense. Four games won out of four! The last game was against Kirkby (Blue) team – the energy levels were fading and the score was 2:6  Kirkby (Blue)won the last game.


The final result was Kirkby (Blue) won the Tournament and North Lakes came second. A result to be thrilled with. Super team work and determination from North Lakes. Many thanks to everyone involved in organising the event and making sure North Lakes attended. A very exciting afternoon was enjoyed by all.