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Pupils Proud of our Ofsted Success

North Lakes School is celebrating the publication of its positive Ofsted Report this week which identified that “since the last inspection, the school has made significant improvements in key areas.” The school has now been judged as having good capacity for sustained improvement, while most of the individual judgements are also good.
Headteacher Mike Pincombe said that, “the energy, character and enthusiasm of the children shine through the Report, which recognises that the children feel safe, are polite, and behave well in school, while the provision for the children in the curriculum is good.” Ofsted report that, “Care, guidance and support are good, resulting in a safe, caring and happy atmosphere in which pupils grow into mature young people. Pupils have a good understanding of right and wrong, how to behave and how to get on well with others. Pupils say they enjoy lessons; they feel safe and value the support and guidance that the school gives them greatly.”
The school community are pleased that the Report has recognised many strengths in the school. The overall judgement is satisfactory due to the fact that final results are “broadly average”, but there are “an increasing number of pupils whose progress is accelerating”. Importantly, Ofsted has recognised that “the school’s evaluation of its own performance is accurate and actions taken already to improve pupils' achievement and provision are having a positive impact.”
North Lakes has been a Creative Partnerships Change School over the past two years and this is reflected in Ofsted’s judgement that, “the school has an engaging curriculum providing a wide range of interesting activities for pupils, which contribute to their enjoyment of school and their development of different skills and interests.” North Lakes has received Arts Mark Gold Award and has been shortlisted for the Cumberland News Education: Innovation in the Arts Award. Ofsted report that: “A good emphasis is placed on developing performing arts and sports and the school choir has enjoyed performing not only locally, but also accepted an invitation to perform at the Round House in London.”
Ofsted found that, “Pupils are proud of their school and gain confidence quickly and an ability to take responsibility, which sets them up well for their future lives. The school’s strong involvement in the local community, its good links with other schools and the wider community and its success in extending pupils’ awareness of other beliefs and ways of life, show that community cohesion is promoted well.”
The good induction programme for pupils joining from Brunswick School in Year 3 draws praise from Ofsted, while “pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities, as well as those who speak English as an additional language, make good progress because activities planned are matched to their individual needs well. Lessons are well planned, with a range of interesting activities.”
Importantly, according to Ofsted, “Children’s welfare is a priority. The good care that pupils receive is reflected in the way that adults respond to pupils’ worries and needs. Good links with other agencies and schools ensure that there are skilful interventions to support pupils with particular learning needs. The provision in the strategic provision unit (for Special Needs) is good. The teaching is lively, pupils are happy and learning programmes are matched to each pupil’s needs and interests well. The effective guidance and strategies used to encourage regular attendance has improved attendance well.”
Chair of Governors Lynne Reside said, “We are pleased that Ofsted has recognised that our safeguarding is good, reflected in our good management of the school environment which provides a safe site for pupils. We look forward to working in partnership with parents and children once again and we will be working hard as a team to address the issues of pace in lessons and of consistent expectations, that Ofsted have now identified.”
Mike Pincombe added that, “there are many strengths within the school team and we are always seeking to improve in order to support the children further. It is due to the hard work of the whole staff team that we have made good progress in the past two years and I am sure with the support of parents, governors and children we will continue to develop as a team in the future.”