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Penrith Library 20 Years Celebration (Oct 2012)

Our choir had the honour of being invited to entertain local dignitaries at Penrith Library’s 20th Birthday Celebration at the beginning of this term.

As usual, they excelled themselves, made a great impression and acted as superb ambassadors for our school. Deb Holden of Penrith Library wrote to tell us: “I wanted to thank you for making our celebration go with a swing on Wednesday afternoon. Everyone was enthusiastic about your choir. They were brilliant; I can’t I can’t believe you have them at this standard when they’ve only been back at school a short time. Thank you for bringing them down to the library, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. I hope the children enjoyed being part of our celebration.”

The Vice Chairman of Cumbria County Council, Cllr Barry, also commented that the choir’s singing was “very impressive”, while praising their smartness and behaviour.