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NLS Win Sumdog… again!

It’s Official! North Lakes School won the Cumbria Sumdog Maths Contest for the 3rd time this year! Elterwater Maths Group soared into 1st place, winning the competition with a record 816 points overtaking the leaders – St Catherine’s Y6.  Rydal Water Maths group took 3rd place with 742 points, Windermere Maths Group were 5th, Buttermere Maths Group 6th, Coniston Maths Group 7th and Ullswater Maths Group 8th!


It is a fantastic achievement to once again have every class in the Cumbrian Top 10! Daily winners in the contest included Elterwater, Rydal and Buttermere. The celebrating doesn’t stop there, as North Lakes had 38 of the top 50 students in Cumbria.


Each competitor could answer a maximum of 1000 questions each. Lewis W was 1st getting a staggering 990 correct, Matthew M 2nd with 984 correct, Kieran A 3rd (955), Tia J 4th (953), James J 5th (945), Bradley S 6th (933), Charlotte  7th (931), Ronal 8th (925), and Finlay 10th in Cumbria (920).

We are so proud of everyone who has taken part in this competition – each participant received a special Myths and Legends Sumdog outfit for their avatar, and as the winners, Elterwater have won a free 30 pupil subscription for the school!


Children need to visit Sumdog on a regular basis as it helps to develop and revise their basic Maths and Literacy Skills - it really does help to sharpen our skills and most of all it is fun. Play games against class mates, other schools and even the world! It is available to all pupils all summer too!


Ask your child to show you today - visit your child's class page - and they can log in with their Username and Password. Remember the School code is: north_5 Have fun!