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Goodbye Mr Soulsby

We would like to say thank you, and to wish the very best of luck, to Mr Martyn Soulsby who has been a member of our Leadership Team and a teacher at North Lakes for the past 23 years since he started teaching here in 1999. Martyn has worked with such dedication and high standards to give the children fantastic opportunities over many years. He has built and transformed teaching and learning in Music and Singing, in Computing and ICT, in   Philosophy and PSHCE, winning awards in these, as well as working in many other areas. Over this time, he has built the school’s infrastructure, guided the school’s development on the internet and social media, and he has promoted the school brilliantly with a significant online presence. He has worked closely with, and been valued by other schools in the area, in Music, Computing and other areas. Thank you Martyn for all you have done – we really appreciate it and you will be very much missed. Good luck in your new role at ClickView Education!