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I am sure that lots of children would love to watch the Euro 2020 Final on Sunday night.
If you would like your child(ren) to watch the game, then we are happy for them to stay in bed a little longer on Monday morning, if they need to. It would be better for the children to come into school rested, rather than over-tired.


School will start at the usual time, but children who arrive at reception up to 10:30am will not be marked late.


There is so much learning to talk about with the children as we share this important national event, and so many years since England’s last final, even I can’t remember it (I was one year old)!


We will be thinking in school about the value of teamwork, and how a great team brings so many brilliant and diverse individuals to work together. We know the importance of resilience, and never giving up. We have talked all year about how we give respect to get respect – and we all know the importance of being great sports, winning with respect for our opponents, or being able to deal positively with the disappointment of defeat.


So, please enjoy the game, stay safe, and come on England!