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A Word From The Head

In closing the newsletter for summer 2021, I would like to say thank you, once again, to you all.

The school will be 50 years old in January 2022 – but in all of the last fifty years there will never have been such a challenging time as the school community has experienced together over the last eighteen months.


Thank you to the staff: teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, midday staff, kitchen and cleaning staff. All have had their working conditions transformed, have dealt with many new challenges and an increased workload, and have pulled together brilliantly throughout the pandemic.


Thank you to the children: for trying so hard, for coping with so much change, for staying positive and for focusing on their learning while they have missed out on so much of normal life.


Thank you to the parents and carers: for your patience, your support, and your co-operation with all the changes to routine, restrictions and added demands placed upon you.


Thank you to the governors: for your support, your challenge and your guidance, navigating a difficult and unforeseen situation, with the children’s safety always at the forefront.


We set out at the start of the pandemic, saying that the safety of the children, staff and community was paramount, and we have stuck with this principle throughout. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey, because together we have had a great deal of success.


We now look forward to an exciting new school year, and desperately hope for a fresh start without bubbles and restrictions. And if we can build on our success and work together so well again in the new school year, with a focus on the children’s learning and progress, it will be a really good one. Happy Holidays, everyone!