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A thank you from Mrs Batley

Dear Children and Parents,

A very big thank you for the lovely picture that was presented to me at the end of the summer term. The painting of Great Gable is fantastic and knowing that some of the children helped to create it makes it very special indeed. Another ‘thank you’ goes to the artist, Alex Jakob-Whitworth for her inspiration and putting the individual paintings together to create such a lovely finished picture.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my teaching at North Lakes School. It has been a privilege to teach alongside so many dedicated staff and to see the children blossom and flourish. Over a number of years, as the teacher in the Strategic Provision, I witnessed the care and generosity of the children towards those who needed special consideration and understanding. I hope that that caring will always be a strength of NLS.

I will be returning to school in October for a few weeks as a 1:1 tutor and I will look forward to seeing everyone. Until then I hope the new term starts well and send all my best wishes and good luck to all.

Mrs Batley