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A Christingle Nativity (Dec 2011)

This year for our Christmas production, we have been thinking about the birth of Jesus over 2,000 years ago! We decided to base the production on an interesting mix of The Christingle and the Nativity. We told the story of the Nativity in an exciting way, with a modern slant on the tale. The Y3/4 children were the actors, and the Y5/6’s were the narrators, telling the story for them.
As expected of a Platinum Sing Up School, the singing was superb. The costumes were amazing - North Lakes must have the best wardrobe department in Eden, thanks to Mrs Brooks! The teaching assistants had created the beautiful backdrops and props for the performance. Miss Rollings directed the play and Mr Soulsby was the Musical Director. As usual, it was a big success, thanks to the whole school pulling together to present one of the oldest stories in a modern style.