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Kwik Cricket (Summer 2011)

We went to the Kwik Cricket Tournament at Appleby with high hopes. We practised before we started to play other teams we were all very nervous because we hadn't played in a competition before. We got registered and it was 5 minutes before we played and then the rules were explained and we played our first team, Appleby, and they were really good. After half way, we had the same score but, when the horn went at the end, we had lost by 73 runs.
Our second school was Crosby Ravensworth - we started off badly, but we improved and, by the end, we only lost by 50 runs a big improvement from Appleby. Our final match was Long Martin and, although we found it easier, it was still tough and we lost by 12 runs, improving all the time! Then we had a friendly match and played Bolton. We were really good and we beat them by 24 runs we were all so happy we won one we went home feeling really proud of ourselves and with each other. 
By Daniel A Y6