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Gym Clubs (Spring 2011)

During the Spring Term many children throughout the school attended a Gymnastics club with either Miss Hayes or Mrs Clark before or after school. In the sessions we worked on Gymnastics moves such as handstands, backwards rolls, cartwheels and vaulting, which all help us to become more flexible.
After a few sessions several children were chosen to enter a local Gymnastics competition at QEGS. Years 3 and 4 had to practise a set routine using a combination of moves. They had to show how flexible their bodies were by completing a floor routine and they had to do a simple vault. Years 5 and 6 had to make up their own routines by putting together 7 moves in any order, they also had to show stretchiness with a floor routine and they had to do a higher vault.
On the day of the competition we were all feeling nervous but we went down to QEGs and performed brilliantly. Both teams ended up winning! All of our hard work had paid off.