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Drama - Project Utopia

This year some children at North Lakes had the exciting opportunity of working with Gary Gardiner (the Leader of ‘Off the Rails’ theatre company) on a collaborative dance project. The project involved several schools from the Eden area and built up to a performance at Penrith Leisure Centre. About 14 children from North Lakes were involved. First, Gary came into school and worked with us, we played some games to begin with, which were fun. Then he put us into groups to practise acting out a scene. Sam and Ellena worked on a fun park scene. Next we chose some music to put our dance to. One group chose ‘Money, Money, Money’ and the other group chose ‘The Umpa Lumpa Song’. Dawn Coates came into school and helped us to practice our dances and Mrs Brooks made our costumes. Finally we went down to the Leisure Centre with Mrs Brooks for two half days to rehearse with the other schools and Gary. This was the first time all of us had got together. To begin with it was a bit scary and didn’t go very well, but after a few practices it was looking much better. We really enjoyed the performance, it was fun The ‘Money, Money, Money’ group enjoyed throwing the pretend money in the air! Performing in front of the audience was scary but exhilarating. We learnt how to take risks, as we had to perform in front of a huge audience and we were a bit scared. We also worked on our relationships because we worked with new people and had to communicate effectively.                                                    
By Anna-Leigh B, Liam S and Ellena T