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Drama Club (Autumn 2010) Members Page

Drama club meets each Thursday evening (Autumn Term)
between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.
Everyone is welcome from years 3 to 6.
This term we have developed our drama around 2 African stories as 3 of our teachers went to Tanzania during half term, so Tanzania has been a focus for us. The African story telling culture is very engaging!

We work on a variety of techniques:

  • We hot seat,
  • we develop characters through movement,
  • use of voice and facial expressions, dialogue and interaction with other characters;
  • develop understanding of how to act out plots, dramatising the problem, climax and resolution;
We do work on productions as part of the whole school during the term. We don’t work on a production in the drama club but the children are made aware aspects working towards a production and what it entails.
  • developing understanding of how to act out ,plots, dramatising the problem, climax and resolution;
  • providing opportunities for rehearsing, polishing and presenting plays for performance.
  • creating dramatic effects through music, lighting, sounds, costume, make-up and scenery;
We reflect on what we have done and enjoy acting !!
Do join us!! See Miss Rollings if you would like to join!