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Chess Club (Spring 2016)

Chess players at North Lakes enjoyed very competitive chess games at UCC just after half term. North Lakes competed against several schools from in and around Penrith. All players faced challenges from very good players.


Our students once again enjoyed being participants. The best games showed the players were developing a stronger ability to remember chess patterns, think about their own game plan, use particular tactics and to think about the game as a whole visualising the moves ahead.  Our chess players used their problem solving skills to get out of some tricky situations!


Mrs Phillips was very proud to escort our pupils said that they were very well mannered and most of all considerate towards their competitors, congratulating them on good moves and successful play.

We do need to continue to develop our chess players at North Lakes.  Mr Southernwood runs a club at UCC every Monday night from 4pm. He would love to see anyone interested in building their skills as a chess player.

By Miss Rollings