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Our school vision

As staff and governors of North Lakes School we need to be creative, passionate, open minded and effective, so that our children will be happy enthusiastic and successful lifelong learners.


To do this we will ensure that our school is positive and inclusive, innovative and inspiring, and focused upon individual achievement.



Our School Vision, agreed together with parents, governors and children, states that:

  • We will provide a high quality, healthy learning experience, raising the aspirations and achievements of all, and expecting the highest standards in a safe, positive environment.
  • We will value, respect and listen to all members of our community, developing self worth, creativity and responsibility through our learning. 
  • We will nurture each child, and support them in learning to contribute as responsible and positive members of society. 


The school has an ongoing plan for improvement, based on self-evaluation and external audits, aiming at this vision and drawn up in consultation with many stakeholders in school.


Updated Oct 2018